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Extended Learning Opportunities

Extended Learning Opportunities for Students

In the context of the Australian Curriculum, teachers extend the level of challenge of every day classroom learning tasks for students.

Specific courses are available to students for selection.

These include:

► Maths Extension

► Maths Methods

 English Extension


 Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

 Concert Band

 Sport Science

  • Students are provided with access to a range of extension and enrichment programmes; both in-class with their classmates and in an online community with other talented students. Such as, eLearning programmes.
  • Students requiring extension can work at a higher year level in one or more areas of the curriculum.
  • There are a variety of competitions and programmes that engage students of all ages –

 the Young Archies portrait painting competition

 the Future Problem Solving programme

 the Da Vinci Decathlon

 Writers Workshop

 Robocup robotics,

 the Tasmanian Science Talent Search

 MyState film festival

 Frank MacDonald Memorial

► National History Challenge

 Model United Nations Assembly

 the What Matters writing competition

 Australian Maths Trust competitions and

 Tournament of Minds to name a few