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Years 9 - 10

SENIOR SCHOOL – Years 9 - 10

In the Senior School student learning opportunities are targeted to individual needs and aspirations. Students are required to meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum Framework but are given a diverse range of pathways to achieve the learning outcomes specified. Many courses are offered that challenge students in a variety of ways to ensure they receive a broad education but are also given the chance to pursue their passions.

Programs for extending students, along with courses that enable students to seek remedial help and fill gaps in their skills and knowledge, ensure that our curriculum is both personalised and differentiated.

Timetable Structure

In Years 9 and 10 the school day is structured into 4 x 70 minute blocks per day. Core classes (English, Maths, Science and History) are year based, the majority of option courses are taught as vertical 9/10 groups. Students choose 8 courses for the year.