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Years 7 - 8

Junior School –  Years 7-8

All students in Year 7 study a common course that covers all learning areas in the school with the introduction of some choice in Year 8. Wherever possible, teachers offer a personalised approach to learning taking into account the prior experiences and achievement of students. Students are encouraged to be autonomous learners and participate in learning opportunities that engage and promote the achievement of personal excellence.

Our core educational program will focus on learning outcomes in the areas of Mathematics (numeracy), English (literacy), Science, History, Geography, Civics, HPE and Digital Technology. Students will spend 60% of their time in these core areas. It will also be the responsibility of the teachers in these areas to foster the quality relationships and supportive environment that we know is so important for young adolescents.

Wellness is an important part of the curriculum in all years. This is much more than a traditional Physical Education program. It is the ultimate aim of this learning area for each student to achieve physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing, ensuring that all students know how to make wise health choices for themselves and to take some responsibility for the health of others. In Years 7 and 8 the school day is structured into 4 blocks of time per day, three of 80 minutes duration and one of 60 minutes, giving 20 blocks per week.

In addition to these core programs students will be given the chance to explore areas such as Languages, the Arts, Music, Drama and Art and Vocational and Applied Learning - MDT (Woodwork, Plastics and Metalcraft) and Home Economics (Cooking and Textiles). These courses are offered in a mix of courses that operate for either a full year or half year. In Year 8 students have a choice to specialise more but are encouraged to study at least one course from The Arts and one from the area of Vocational and Applied Learning.

In Year 7 we aim to ensure that students connect to the school, feel a sense of belonging and are provided with a supportive environment. To do this we endeavour to give students ownership of a room and exposure to a relatively small number of teachers at any one time, usually less than 6 different teachers, 2 of whom will take them for approximately 50% of their school week.