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Taroona High School students are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of sporting activities where they represent the school as individuals or as members of a team. The sports available to the students are generally run by sporting bodies, sporting clubs or sporting venues.

Normally the information provided to students includes the sport, where it is played, when it is played, how much it will cost and registration forms. Please be aware that Taroona High School accepts no responsibility for any injury or loss of property or supervision of students at the venue. It is a requirement that an adult supervisor is present at each game; as a result, part of the registration process asks parents to indicate how they can help with supervision of the sport their child is involved in. Generally speaking, supervision entails being at the game/event and, if any issues arise, helping to sort them out. All events are organised by recognised sports providers, who have people in charge at each event. However, without parental supervision, teams will not be entered into rosters.

If you have any questions, or would like to help out with a sports team, please contact Louisa D'Eye, Head of HPE, via email at louisa.deye@decyp,